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92-Year-Old Hewitt Artist Has Been Painting Since He Was 10


IMG_7319Having a passion for something, your entire life is a blessing; being able to provide for your family with this passion is even a bigger blessing.  And when you are 92 years old, you are still blessed with this passion and the ability to bring it to life and provide joy to others with your work, that’s a godsend.

George Gibbons began painting at the age of ten and hasn’t ever really stopped. This is evident from all the artwork in his house that hangs on the walls like a museum.

FARM TO TABLE DINNER: It’s All About Community, Conversation and A Good Bottle Of Wine

By Dedra Davis

farm tt 5When you go to a restaurant or attend a dinner party, you generally know what to expect and who you will be dining with.

Not so at the farm to table events gaining new fans around Waco.

Here’s it’s all about getting out of your comfort zone, being brave, trying new things and meeting new people. Garden-fresh meals, from local farms and purveyors, prepared by a chef who is known as much for his biscuits as he is for his gourmet meals. That’s the farm to table event.

Central Texas DJs Set the Pulse For Area Nightclubs

DjDru-pic-2No one sets the stage for Central Texas nightclubs like the disc jockeys that play the music the crowd wants to hear. A good DJ can mean the success or the failure for dance clubs, and one of the top  DJs in the area is Andrew Valero — aka DJ Dru. Groove took a few minutes to talk to the man with the music in-between all his gigs.

NAME: Andrew Valero



GROOVE: Which clubs do you currently work in?

DRU: I Dj at Austin’s On The Avenue every Thursday, Friday and every other Saturday. The club owner has 2 other venues here in Waco (Junction 84 & Halftime) and from time to time he will rotate the Djs around.